What's New in MIUI 11 Shell

Today the long-awaited announcement of the new Xiaomi company shell took place.

What added

The system is out

called MIUI 11 and it is based on the latestversion of Android 10. Many changes have been added to the shell. For example, a new interface design that has become more minimalistic, Milan Pro font with dynamic scaling and updated ringtones. They resemble the ambient sounds of nature.

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Xiaomi developers in a new shellredesigned the Always-On Display function. Now it can display animation and display any user text. In addition, MIUI 11 has improved the dark theme, added the Mi Work Suite package of functions and applications, as well as the Mi Go extreme power saving mode. Thanks to it, a smartphone with a 5% battery charge can work for up to 24 hours.

Who and when will be updated

MIUI 11 Open Beta Launches Alreadythis week. A stable version will be released in the first half of October. She will receive more than 40 models. A complete list of smartphones and release dates can be found here.

Let us remind you that today Xiaomi also released a line of Mi Full Screen TV Pro smart TVs, the Mi 9 Pro 5G smartphone and the Mi Mix Alpha concept device.

Do you know that

The most popular Xiaomi products on Aliexpress are:

  • 19-in-1 electric screwdriver for easy handling with small parts
  • magnetic pad for the very screwdriver
  • automatic soap dispenser with frother
  • control center smart home Xiaomi
  • AirPods killer &#8211; Xiaomi AirDots
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