Where to Store: Unique YI Cloud Storage Overview

Today, people generate a huge amount of content. The volume of information produced is growing daily and

the question arises of data storage. Cloud technologies allow us to solve this problem in the most convenient and environmentally friendly way: "Clouds" is a data storage model in which data is stored not on a specific medium or server, but on distributed servers on the network. The servers are provided by the cloud computing resource provider, who also takes care of their management and maintenance.

YI Cloud is a personal reliable cloud storage. The service is provided by YI Technology - the world leader in the production of video surveillance systems.

The service is perfectly adapted to the features.product: using a special application, the user can access the camera live 24/7, and recordings from the camera are quickly downloaded to the YI Cloud and remain available for viewing for 30 days.

This solution is convenient for both business andprivate customers: this eliminates the need for companies to purchase and maintain expensive equipment, while private users can save space on physical media by choosing which files to delete.

For users, the opportunity will be more importantaccess to data from anywhere in the world and from different devices, and for corporate clients, reliability and low cost of storage may be more significant.

The main advantages of cloud storage are data backup and data sharing.

Storing data in the cloud is a guarantee that the files will not be lost if the device is lost or stolen. Users are calm, knowing that with YI Cloud, records are safe.

Also often a group of people needs to sharefiles. Cloud services provide the ability to share and edit documents. All the necessary information is always at hand, and most importantly, accessible from any device.

An important feature of the YI Cloudit is possible to rewind recordings online: To search for the desired fragment, it is not necessary to watch the video hours - it is possible to quickly scroll through the recording and find the most important events of the day with fast-forward to 32x. Also, with YI functionality, you can easily trim video and download clips directly to a personal drive.

Cloud benefits include ease of use.storage and the absence of restrictions on the volume of storage - you no longer need to worry about the size of the downloaded files. High quality video available on YI Cloud for up to 30 days.

Among other benefits, users are highlythey appreciate the download speed: there are no restrictions in YI - the video is uploaded to the cloud in just a few seconds, at the maximum speed allowed with the user's Internet connection.

For those who value ease of use andtime saving - access to cloud storage for owners of YI cameras is provided in just a couple of minutes - just download the application and scan the QR code. YI Cloud application is available on all popular platforms: Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS.