Which flagship smartphone is the most slippery

The author of PhoneArena decided to compare three flagship smartphones - iPhone 13 Pro, Pixel 6 Pro and Galaxy S21 Ultra - in terms of whether

how slippery they are.

A slippery body can be a hassle.If you put such a smartphone on a sofa or bed, it may well slide off the surface and fall. Therefore, you have to buy covers for such phones. For which of the flagships is it worth buying a cover in advance?

As the author said, the iPhone 13 Pro is not like thatslippery as it seems. It has a textured frosted glass back. The smartphone does not slide as much on most surfaces, unless they are tilted. Perhaps the convex camera module helps it stay in place.

As for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, it hasThe cover is made of frosted glass and looks even smoother than the iPhone, but it also slips much less. The phone slid only during the most difficult test - on a glass surface.

But the Google Pixel 6 Pro seems to have lost to bothcompetitors. Its back panel is made of glossy glass, not matte. And this phone quickly slides off most sloped surfaces, except, oddly enough, the glass itself.

Source: PhoneArena