While you are hanging out on Ali with a cheap dollar, we remind you of new smartphones for 20 thousand in Russia

I can already see how sectarians of coupons and “Chinese versions with global firmware” appear in the comments,

to write: “Ahaha, well, why is this all?Have you seen the prices on Aliexpress today? But it’s better to prepare sleds in winter, guys — someone is not interested in smartphones in Russia while the dollar fell against the ruble, and someone didn’t soar with domestic production in the same way, while oil was record-breaking expensive, and foreign countries did not impose sanctions . Well, now let's move from lyrics to practice and find out how the new TCL smartphone for 20 thousand differs from Xiaomi, Samsung, Realme and others. Discuss7.5/10Rated by FerraTCL 30 Plus

Table of contents

  • Ash leaves fell from the oak
  • Freebie will end sooner or later
  • 20 thousand in the official retail of the Russian Federation is “not money”
  • And so, we move on to TCL 30 Plus
  • Looks decent. I like
  • Extra large screen
  • For performance - not here
  • But it works for a long time
  • About the quality of shooting in a budget smartphone
  • What else is useful to know about TCL 30 Plus
  • Conclusions and a couple of competitors

Ash leaves fell from the oak

Wow.For example, let's take a closer look at the "twenty thousand smartphones". For this money, at the current Aliexpress exchange rate ($ 1 = 57 rubles), you can take the almost flagship OnePlus Ace (aka OnePlus 10R) with a fast Dimensity 8100 processor, a 120 Hz AMOLED screen, 8 GB of RAM, a 128 GB drive, 150 W fast charging and main camera 50 megapixels with optical stabilization. No joke, Russian retail has nothing to oppose to this, and even spared by gadgets, I said that this is one of the smartphones that I would gladly buy myself if necessary.

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And now let's go down from the Middle Kingdom to our native landand let's estimate what is now offered in domestic chain stores for the same 20,000 rubles? In the search results, there is something like Xiaomi Redmi Note 11, HUAWEI nova Y70, Samsung Galaxy A13 or Galaxy A23, if you are lucky with a discount.

Russian man who opened Aliexpress at the end of June 2022

In a perfect world already a few days ago(relative to the date of publication) I had to rush to Alik and do my best to buy gadgets, components and other electronics there at a rate of a little more than 55 rubles per dollar.

But even in the real world, something does not add up with this. I, the reviewer, brainwashed my friends and family for a whole week in a row, agitating them to buy cheap gadgets while they can.

And, you know what? Few succumbed to persuasion. It was like I was selling them something for personal gain...

Some do not have the required amount on hand, some simply do not have it all on time, and there are those who are dumb to make large purchases there.

Something in general is afraid of online shopping from China,like taxi drivers - "bombed" without a license and applications. Well, for example, I would almost never persuade my mother to give some seller from Aliexpress an amount equal to the cost of even an inexpensive smartphone. What about scammers? And if it doesn't come? Maybe there will be soda in the package? Soda, of course, is useful in the household, and, unlike these smartphones of yours, it is an almost eternal accessory in any kitchen ... but still, twenty thousand for it is somehow expensive and generally offensive.

Freebie will end sooner or later

We don't know why Aliexpress actuallydepreciated the dollar? For some reason, until now, the Chinese have kept this rate radically higher than what the Central Bank of the Russian Federation issues, and have not taken a steam bath absolutely about this. They received a call from the government and were told: “Ay-yy-yy, are you generating super-profits instead of the normal rate”? Or is this a temporary concession while the sale lasts?

Well, it's not just about Aliexpress - yetRussians in buying smartphones, computers, headphones and foreign clothes feel rich again, as in 2007, the state is proportionally getting poorer. The country receives a significant part of its income from exports, which means that the proceeds of foreign currencies turn into more and more modest amounts of the national one. In general, exchange rate generosity will not last long: the government will try to find a way to roll back the strengthened ruble.

And for parallel imports that flowed into the country, toono hopes. It is already clear that retailers for these deliveries decided to give a damn about exchange rates and prices in the purchase. Instead, they took the old price tags at $70+ as a basis and threw the cost of more complex, slower and more expensive logistics on top. Depending on the arrogance of the seller, there should be anywhere from 5 to 50 percent of the markup to the “pre-special” Russian price.

Very tempting but not for long

In short, I would not count on the iPhone 13 to 49thousand rubles (even used ones) will be on display for a long time, and Chinese smartphones will instantly rise in price as soon as the exchange rate returns to 65-70 rubles per dollar. And now you can go for OnePlus Ace, no jokes, but we reviewers, just in case, will release reviews of what is in Russian official stores right now. And we will choose from what is there, the best. So that when it becomes not cheap on Ali and you all howl there, there are ready-made options for buying at local retail.

20 thousand in the official retail of the Russian Federation is “not money”

It's very embarrassing, but yes.I still remember when a completely universal Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro was sold at such a price, in which in 2019 both the battery, and the processor, and the camera (then 64 megapixels were chic) ​​were absolutely exactly like middle-class smartphones, without any discounts at all and compromises. Three years have passed. And what, do you think that technological progress, the expensive ruble and all that ... do you think it has become better?

Ha ha, no - now Redmi is sold for 20 thousandThe Note 11, which, most embarrassingly, has worse cameras than the three-year-old model. AMOLED display instead of IPS is nice, but to some extent a matter of taste. The increase in processor power is on a teaspoon. Even the charging speed turned out to be a "duck" - Redmi Note 8 Pro, if you connect not the standard 18W Quick Charge 3.0 to it, but a more powerful PD charger, it will charge from 0% to 39% in half an hour. Redmi Note 11 - up to 31%. Although formally the first supports only 18 watts, and the second - 33 watts.

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Damn, what a long introduction I have ... In short,after the shortage of semiconductors and the tail wagging by the Chinese against the United States and their sanctions, with a quiet suspension of deliveries (or a loud one if you are Honor and Huawei), mobile phones up to 20 thousand in Russian chain stores will be a compromise. And you don’t need to whine, but if you are already buying from officials in Russia, choose among such smartphones the one with a set of qualities (display, sound, autonomy, processor power, cameras) that suits you better.

When I went to Yandex.Market after Aliexpress

For example, I would not buy my momChinese Realme, which, after flashing to the global version of Sberbank. Online and Mir Pay, will complain that the software version is non-standard and, they say, we do not want to work on a smartphone with strange firmware. Yes, and somehow I don’t want to root out ads from MIUI either. Moreover, this ad tends to appear in new places after updating to new versions of the shell and Android.

And, although you are fans of maximum power here, I would look for something like the TCL 30 Plus for her. Although this is not a "grandmother's phone", you might also like it when I tell you more about it now.

This is what it looks like in its new form in normal lighting.

And so, we move on to TCL 30 Plus

The delivery set is ordinary by the standards of inexpensivesmartphones. A quite presentable box, a Type-C cable, a power adapter, a transparent silicone case for reliability (it’s good that you have it, by the way, this is not an iPhone 8, for which cases are sold on every corner). There are no headphones, but, as for me, it’s only better without them - almost any purchased headphones will be better than those that were usually included with budget phones.

Looks decent. I like

Do you like the external TCL 30 Plus or not?Well, it depends on what you expect from a low-cost smartphone in 2022. There is nothing outstanding on the front: fairly thin bezels, a small (but still noticeable) “chin” and a drop-shaped cutout for the front camera in the center of the upper border of the screen, which is already characteristic of the budget segment only.

It will be necessary to conduct a blind survey of how much the smartphone in the photo costs. Wangyu that few would see it as a budget class

But the smartphone looks very good ifturn it back. There are two colors to choose from: elegant light blue and black, the most popular in the inexpensive segment. Conveniently, both traditional and eye-catching colors are available. The flat back panel is matte, with a barely noticeable sandy texture. It does not collect prints, it is reluctantly covered with noticeable scratches. But the glossy frame around the perimeter gets dirty easily and unequivocally hints at the reasonable use of the complete cover. However, thank you for not doing the opposite. With a smooth and shiny back panel, it would be much more difficult to get along. By the way, the fingerprint scanner on the side is built into the power button. In work, not fast and not slow, but normal.

Triple camera module (but to be honest -single) is located in the left corner and is made on a transparent glass substrate. Looks pretty. In general, it is precisely due to this piling up of cameras that the smartphone looks more expensive than it actually is. So for this, designers are a plus.

Extra large screen

The display size is 6.7 inches, which makes the TCL 30 Plus one of the largest smartphones among competitors. So, comfortable in terms of content consumption or use by people with poor eyesight. The ratio of usable area to the total front area is approximately 87.6%. Matrix type - AMOLED, resolution 1080 x 2400 pixels or 393 ppi. Proportions are classical for today, 20:9. The refresh rate is only standard - 60 Hz, but if it was 90 Hz, you would not notice the difference anyway.

TCL 30 Plus Max Brightness Level 450cd/m2 Contrast (higher = better) infinite Color gamut (sRGB) (90-100% - ideal) 100% DeltaE (less = better) 5.87 Gamma (ideal - 2.2) 2.4 Color temperature (ideal = 6500K) 7500K

The color reproduction is quite good, some Infinix at the same price would give out 9000K, but here they are not ideal, but quite moderate 7500K

In the official specifications, TCL promises us up to650 nits of screen brightness when automatically adjusted and up to 900 nits peak when you activate the mode of use under the rays of the sun. But in reality (and with manual selection of brightness), even close to such values ​​\u200b\u200bcannot be reached, although even what is, is quite within the normal range.

SmartphoneMaximum display brightness in manual modeTCL 30+450 cd/m2Xiaomi Poco M4 Pro 4G460 cd/m2Samsung Galaxy A32390 cd/m2Realme 8i440 cd/m2realme 9 pro+430 cd/m2Oppo Reno7 Lite 5G450 cd/m2

Well, in auto-brightness it will be even cooler, only this is an individual question, how the sensors will decide depending on the brightness of the sun, the remaining battery charge, processor heating, etc.

In general, if you do not bother with comparisons andrace for an unattainable ideal, we can say that the TCL 30 Plus has a screen of high quality by the standards of an inexpensive model. Brightness is fine, palette deviation is acceptable, gamma and color temperature are normal. In addition, in the settings you can change something to your liking, for example, select the sRGB or P3 palette, change the gamma and temperature.

Always on display support (clock and notificationson a black background of the locked screen) are available, if desired, you can activate the permanent or scheduled display of the clock, date, graphic screen savers and other useful information on the off screen. Looking ahead, given the autonomy of the smartphone, you can not skimp on the use of such energy-consuming functions.

For performance - not here

How to put it mildly ... The processor here is “onchange" from the screen, camera, stereo speakers and case. All these MediaTek Helio G20 and G30 series are hardware for fairly cheap smartphones like Xiaomi Redmi 10A, Realme C21 (do not confuse with C21Y). No one argues that, in general, MediaTek has been impudent in recent years no worse than Qualcomm and asks for its processors an exorbitant amount of money, but other manufacturers (Motorola, Realme, etc.) have already begun to negotiate with Unisoc, which, ( T600 and other T-series) are very good and cost less than your Snapdragon 662, Helio G80/G85/G88, etc. tightly, but it doesn’t have to be fast.”


Helio G37 does not shine in processor tasks ...

Of course, our performance table, wherecrammed with smartphones from 10 to 100 thousand rubles (moreover, in the category “from 30 thousand rubles” of smartphones in this table, the majority) looks like a rout and horror, but in fact all other smartphones for 20 thousand rubles in offline stores in Russia will either have Snapdragon 662 /680, or with Helio G80/85/88, or with Unisoc T610. Here with them and compare. And everything else is solely for your understanding of where the smartphone from the test stands in the absolute of the entire smartphone industry in 2022.

If we talk about synthetics, let's say AnTuTu,losing to classmates is obtained about two times. Fussing with the shell and applications TCL 30 Plus pulls normally, but with games the main calculation is for a buyer who is interested in undemanding casual games for transport. And in principle, such an approach has a right to exist, after all, when buying a smartphone, not everyone plans to drain money in the mobile Diablo or grind for hours on end in Genshin Impact.

But it works for a long time

And if you still do not care about the quality of graphics andthe number of frames per second, with the TCL 30 Plus you can easily sit down to play for hours on end. Although the chip does not impress with the technical process, it is still economical. Plus AMOLED plays a role. The battery capacity is 5010 mAh, the power of the adapter is 18 watts. Such charging was once called "fast", now with available capacities almost ten times more - it is no longer particularly impressive. However, from zero to one hundred, the smartphone charges for an acceptable 1:50. It could be better, of course. Although we have not tried to connect a charger with more powerful than the standard one, who knows…

Well, in general, few smartphones with 5000 mAh battery last longer than this one.

The older generation, who does not live all theirlife through the screen of a smartphone, TCL will easily last a couple of days without recharging. And with hardcore use by young people, it will easily pull away from the outlet until late in the evening.

About the quality of shooting in a budget smartphone

Under the marketing moniker "AI Triple Camera"in fact, a single 50 megapixel is hidden with two auxiliary 2 megapixel caps for macro photography and separating the object from the background in portrait mode. I will not once again suffer in front of readers about the near-zero benefit of additional sensors and the senseless overpayment for them as part of a smartphone. I'd rather focus on the main camera. The resolution is 50 megapixels, however, in the main shooting mode, information from neighboring pixels is combined, so the photo is four times smaller. However, as always, it is possible to forcibly activate shooting at full resolution.

Focal length is 28mm, aperturef/1.9, 1/2.76 inch sensor, and 0.64µm pixel size. Phase autofocus, there is traditionally no optical stabilization for this class. But the lack of an ultra-wide-angle camera is a little surprising. Although you don’t expect anything good from her even in expensive smartphones, it’s still somehow insulting. In smartphones of the same price segment, ultra-wide is most often present.


Previously, in state employees it was so that in the photo withoutyou won't see the pain. And now, even after significantly more expensive smartphones, things don't seem all that bad. At least, if you don’t get impudent to look at photos on a smartphone, and not on a computer screen, and even more so on a TV. During the day, in any weather, the pictures are of normal quality, even with a claim to detail and accurate color reproduction. If you wish, you can turn on the AI ​​mode - and then the algorithms called "artificial intelligence" will wind up brighter colors. But personally, I prefer to do without it, no one has yet canceled photo editors and my own sense of taste.

The dog is sad that it turns out badly at night

But at dusk and at night, the TCL 30 cameraPlus gives in to difficulties. There is no advanced level of shooting with different exposures and subsequent algorithmic processing of frames, therefore, in low light, the smartphone owner will encounter all the typical drawbacks for state employees: graininess, yellowness, drop in detail in the shadows, blurry movements. In general, purely technically, a frame can be made, but rather for personal use than bragging to the public.

The front is normal. 13 MP, optical aperture 2.3, and the focal length is 19mm, which is rare in smartphones. In practice, this means that it will be easier to take group selfies without overstretching the arm, and more interesting backgrounds will fit in single ones in the frame. As for the quality of shooting, you can’t say anything special about the front camera, it won’t work out bad either. A good front camera is just right to sometimes show someone a face or participate in a video call.

What else is useful to know about TCL 30 Plus

Stereo speakers, this is not often seen inavailable smartphones have a wired headphone jack. Bluetooth version 5.0. What is unusual (and bad) Wi-Fi only works in the 2.4 Hz band, that is, 802.11 b / g / n standards are supported without ac. There is NFC, so in Russia it will be possible to pay contactlessly through MirPay and similar systems. There is no physical gyroscopic sensor (only virtual), but at least the compass is in place, now even this sensor sometimes does not report. The SIM card slot is double, but combined with microSD up to 1 TB.

TCL 30 Plus is running the latestoperating system Android 12. Proprietary shell - TCL UI 4.0. You can’t exactly call it familiar, but overall it’s comfortable. With it, the manufacturer tries to please everyone at once: it seems to be quite convenient to use out of the box, but if you dig around, a solid number of settings and options appear for customizing user experience.

Conclusions and a couple of competitors

This smartphone can be viewed from two angles:

  • If you are a fanatic from the w3bsit3-dns.com forum who measuresthe steepness of mobile phones only with processor power, for you TCL 30 Plus is Xiaomi Redmi 10C, only tuned with a good AMOLED display and with good (and not like Xiaomi) camera shooting quality
  • If you look at smartphones in general, thenthe display is the same smartphone as Redmi Note 11 / Realme 9 / 9Pro, in terms of autonomy it is much better than them (I repeat, this is one of the best smartphones in terms of autonomy with 5000 mAh_, the camera is also, although it does not differ in hardware, but at least not worse and sometimes a little better.

As I said at the beginning, if you wantto get a device suitable for games and a more youthful device - it’s better to look towards Redmi Note 11. The Snapdragon 680 processor is much faster (especially in games), the screen is also AMOLED, but also 90 Hz, and there is an ultra-wide camera kit. But if the soul demands “not China”, then it makes sense to look for Samsung Galaxy A23 discounts. Inside, there is also a Snapdragon 680, although the storage capacity is only 64 GB, the front camera is simpler and the IPS screen is 90 Hz instead of AMOLED.

TCL 30 PlusXiaomi Redmi Note 11Samsung GalaxyA23Operating SystemAndroid 12 + TCL UI 4.0Android 11 + Realme UI 2.0Android 12 + One UI 4.1Screen6.7'', 1080 x 2400px, 20:9, AMOLED 60Hz, 393 ppi6.43'', 1080 x 2400px ., 20:9, AMOLED 90Hz, 409ppi6.6'', 1080x2408 pix., 20:9, PLS (IPS), 400 ppiProcessorMediatek Helio G37 (12nm)Snapdragon 680 (6nm)Snapdragon 680 (6nm)PowerVR Graphics GE8320Mali-G52 MC2Mali-G52RAM4GB4GB4GB Storage128GB+MicroSD64GB+MicroSD64GB+MicroSDCommunicationNFC, LTE, Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11n), Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, GLONASS, BeiDouNFC, LTE, Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11ac) , Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, GLONASS, BeiDouNFC, LTE, Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11ac), Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, GLONASS, BeiDouCamera Main triple 50MP f/1.9 + 2MP f/2.4 + 2MP f/ 2.4 video quality: up to [email protected] FPS Front: 13 MP f/2.3 Main quad: 50 MP f/1.8 + 8 MP f/2.2 + 2 MP f/2.4 (macro) + 2 MP f/2.4 (depth sensor) , video quality: up to [email protected] FPS Front: 13MP f/2.4 Rear Quad: 50MP f/1.8 OIS + 5MP (Ultra Wide) f/2.2 + 2MP (Macro) f/2.4 + 2MP (Depth Sensor) f /2.4, video quality: up to [email protected] FPS, front:8 MP f/2.2 Battery 5010 mAh / 18 W 5000 mAh / 33 W 5000 mAh / 25 W