Why did Wildberries fail and still not work? Prepare for the worst

Sources say that the failure of the Wildberries online store has continued for the second day. Users cannot

go to your personal account, and orders are issued according to your passport. What is the reason? Discuss

As of 17:On March 15, the number of error messages on Wildberries reached about 1300. Users complain that order information is not displayed in the personal account; sellers cannot see the correct balance of goods, in addition, authorization in the "WB Partners" system does not work, so it is impossible to send goods. There is also a problem with processing returns and issuing purchases, since some users do not have a code to receive.

By 4:30 p.m., the ordering process in the app was restored, and, as stated, "70% errors."

Experts believe that Wildberries was hacked.According to the CTO and author of the Launch Tomorrow podcast, the hackers deleted server settings and encrypted data. “The frontend is there, but they no longer have a backend. The data is encrypted. Most likely, internal “rats” participated in the hacking, because, judging by the stories, they were generally thinking about security there,” he says.

There is also information that Wildberries could have become a victim of a hack and an attack by an encryption virus from the OldGremlin hacker group.

Wildberries itself denies the hack and cites "technical errors." But when the problems will be fixed, it is not known.

Source: vc.ru