Why does the OnePlus 7T not support wireless charging?

The recently unveiled OnePlus 7T has made a big impression on the mobile community, as always.This is

A really cool flagship at an affordable price with a great camera, battery, and the best display today.However, many people can't help but wonder why such a cool phone still hasThere's no support for wireless charging.The manufacturer itself on this account...


Indeed, all the latest premiumPhones have wireless charging function. Xiaomi offers 30W wireless charging support, Huawei Mate 30 Pro is compatible with 27W implementation, and even Apple's iPhone 11 Pro supports wireless charging at 7.5W. It is quite possible to say that this feature has already become a kind of standard. Then why is OnePlus still not introducing it into its line?

CEO Pete answered this questionLau. He said that the company has already explored the possibility of introducing this feature. OnePlus wants its possible implementation of wireless charging to act as an alternative to wired charging and match the name Warp Charge. But when testing technology at 30 watts, the company continues to face problems of overheating. But it makes no sense to add support for wireless charging at low speeds.

Chinese company still continueswork on this technology and, undoubtedly, sooner or later will implement its best version. But at the same time, the manufacturer can learn a lot from Xiaomi, which introduced a 30-watt wireless charging. The latter achieves an impressive efficiency level of 98% and is ultimately the fastest wireless charging technology on the smartphone. All this is achieved thanks to the special design of the multilayer nanocrystalline receiving coil.

Now we cannot say how soon the companyOnePlus will show off its version of wireless charging technology, but we know it's been working on this for quite some time. This means the OnePlus 8 Pro could be a prime candidate for its debut.