Why won't Samsung release the Galaxy S21 mini?

When Apple announced the iPhone 12 mini, many thought the smartphone industry would enter an era of sorts.

"Compact renaissance".Rumors of a mini-smartphone have flooded the tech space months before its official launch, and other "mini" smartphones are due to arrive by now. But let's focus on Samsung for a number of reasons.

Korean company is the biggest rivalApple and the two have exchanged blows in the past, especially on patents. With the Galaxy S21 just around the corner, we already know pretty much everything about Samsung's next flagship phones. This is nothing new, but the really surprising fact is that Samsung will almost certainly stick with its usual lineup of Galaxy S21, S21 + and S21 Ultra devices. The Samsung Galaxy S21 mini is nowhere to be found. But why?

Samsung could miss this train This is one ofpossible reasons, although it's hard to believe that the world's leading smartphone manufacturer will miss the opportunity due to technical difficulties or lateness. According to the latest leaks, the Galaxy S21 Ultra went into production at the end of October. The first rumors about the Apple iPhone 12 mini date back to 2019. Samsung had plenty of time to react.

Of course, to think that a serious companywill take advantage of the rumors and completely change their roadmap based on them, just naively. A more likely scenario is when Samsung knew about the iPhone 12 mini, but decided not to react with a direct competitor. The reason for this goes back to the Galaxy S10 lineup.

The Galaxy S10e was Samsung's latest attemptcreate a "mini-flagship". Granted, it wasn't sold like that, but it was the closest Galaxy mini in a long time. Its affordable price and superior performance should have made it a star and bestseller. And yet it sold the smallest number of units of the entire lineup (with the Galaxy S10 + leading sales). The experiment clearly failed, and while we dare not call it a failure, the lack of a Galaxy S20e model this year speaks for itself.

IPhone 12 mini sales figures are not the best MoreOne hint that the resuscitation of the compact smartphone hasn't had much success comes from the latest and most popular "mini". iPhone 12 mini doesn't sell as expected. According to Flurry Analytics, the 12 mini has been the least popular iPhone during launch week and least popular iPhone during launch week in the past three years.

Will we see the Galaxy mini smartphone again?Probably no. Samsung is pouring resources into its foldable lineup, and it looks like the company wants to shrink the flagships by folding them in half. Recent rumors of Samsung's foldable plans for next year suggest “affordable” versions of the Galaxy Z Fold Lite and Z Flip Lite will be launched alongside the ultra-modern Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 2. Obviously, Samsung's plans for the future have no room for “ mini ", at least for now.