Wide screen - great features: TOP-5 benefits from HISENSE

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The well-known manufacturer of technology and electronics, HISENSE, is more and more firmly fixed

Ukrainian market, winning our heartsconsumers. Which is not surprising: the company offers products with an optimal ratio of price, quality and functionality in order to compete with A-brands.

First of all, this applies to the linewidescreen TVs, the price of which, depending on the size of the diagonal (50-55-65 inches) until August 31 is within 20 thousand hryvnia. At this cost, you can get a high-quality “picture” with Smart TV functions and access to Internet resources.

According to the commercial director of the companyFoxtrot Yuri Polishchuk, models of the HISENSE brand presented on the market stand out for their significant advantages, which opens up great opportunities for the buyer in choosing a premium TV for a reasonable price.

  • HDR - High Dynamic Range technology (advanceddynamic range) provides a previously unattainable level of the image with details of light and dark portions of the image. HDR significantly expands the contrast and color palette, offering a more realistic and natural image than conventional TVs.
  • Metal frame - a thin metal frame around the screen favorably emphasizes the elegant taste in the selection of the TV as an important element of the decor of the interior.
  • Remotenow - Hisense Remote NOW mobile app createdto control the TV as a remote control, wirelessly broadcast media content to the TV screen, record air and conveniently search for content anywhere.
  • UHD Upscaler - Improves Full HD / HD signal quality to4K to reflect the smallest details. Instead of just multiplying each pixel by 4, Hisense UHD Upscaler calculates the color of neighboring pixels and automatically compensates for the difference in the color of the background pixels.
  • Ultra HD 4K - Certified 4K ensures qualityimages more than 4 times the quality of Full HD (8,000,000 pixels). Every pixel is of the utmost importance when it comes to the best picture quality of widescreen TVs.

A large network of household appliances andElectronics Foxtrot is the official distributor of HISENSE in Ukraine, where the most complete range of televisions is presented. Of these, only with a diagonal of more than 50 inches - up to 10 models.

“HISENSE TM products enter our network inselling the first among other players on the market, so look for the “hottest” world news in Foxtrot, ”added Yuriy Polishchuk, Foxtrot Commercial Director.

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