Will Redmi Note 8 support NFC?

It is already known that the new Redmi Note 8 is launched into mass production, since on August 29 the company will introduce it

public presentation. However, there are still many mysteries regarding this new product. And the main question is whether Redmi Note 8 / Redmi Note 8 Pro will support mobile payments via NFC.


NFC support in the top flagships today isThe usual thing. But, if we are talking about the middle segment and affordable phones, here NFC can be a pleasant surprise and useful addition for us. Today, contactless mobile payment technology is more popular than ever. Moreover, in China it is also gaining momentum, as the Chinese are actively using AliPay and Apple Pay. QR codes are also still common, but NFC support in Redmi Note 8 will make the smartphone especially popular in other countries.

Xiaomi has limited NFC support in the pastpremium Mi-series, but now, it seems, the champion among middle-class phones Redmi Note 8 will acquire NFC. One of the latest leaks points to this, however, it is not yet clear which version will support NFC - Redmi Note 8 or Redmi Note 8 Pro. Also, the main differences between the two models are still unknown. But in the near future all these puzzles will be solved.