World of Tanks has been added to Steam, but the players are not happy (this is a little important)

After more than ten years of working with its own launcher, World of Tanks has entered the Steam market, but they will be happy about it

only new players.

What is known

The version on Steam is exactly the same as on the launcherWoT, but if you've played before, you won't be able to transfer your account and progress - you'll have to start from scratch. Although the developers have warned that this will be the case, it seems that many players hoped until recently for a different outcome. There are now over 1000 reviews on Steam and all are "mostly negative". Users are very dissatisfied with the fact that they cannot link their old accounts and change their nickname - they offer a random name, but there is no way to change it.

But for beginners (and beginners here will now beall) the developers have prepared an event that gives players on Steam 4 times more experience for their first victory on each tank. Wargaming has also added challenges that will allow players to earn rewards.

Source: PCGamer

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