Worst Year of the Decade: 2022 Smartphone Market Results

Research companies continue to share the results of the mobile market in 2022. We have previously discussed

report from Canalys, and now with my own calculationsshared by IDC. And they look even less positive: all the top five brands experienced double-digit sales declines in the fourth quarter of 2022 compared to the same period a year earlier. “We have never seen shipments in the holiday quarter be lower than in the third quarter,” the researchers note. In numbers, the situation looks like this: the drop in global shipments of smartphones in Q4 reached 18.3% (300.3 million units), and in general for 2022 the decrease was 11.3% with total shipments of 1.21 billion units. This is the lowest rate since 2013.

The least successful fourth quarter was forXiaomi, whose sales fell by 26.3%, while Apple suffered the least, sagging “only” by 14.9%. She performed best of all in the framework of the entire 2022, recording a drop in sales at the level of 4.0%. Close figures were shown by the leader Samsung: minus 4.1%. Well, Chinese brands suffer a serious drop: -19.8% for Xiaomi, and almost -23% for Vivo and OPPO (in total with sub-brands). Researchers’ expectations for 2023 are not the most optimistic: at best, stagnation awaits us, but a further fall is not excluded.

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    Sourced from idc.com