Xiaomi leads the European market, beating Samsung and Apple

Xiaomi has led the European smartphone market. At the end of the second quarter of this year, it bypassed both Samsung and


How did it happen?

The company was able to deliver 12.7 million in three monthssmartphones, occupying 25.3% of the market. In comparison with the base period, Xiaomi has increased its volumes by more than one and a half times (+ 67.1%). Apple shipped 15.7% more smart phones from April to June than a year earlier, but this did not help it rise above the third line.

One of the reasons Xiaomi managed to get outto the first place in Europe - the decline in shipments from Samsung. The manufacturer from South Korea shipped only 12 million smartphones in the reporting period, which is 7% less than a year earlier. The company took 24% of the market.

Mind-blowing percentage growthshowed Realme - + 1800% compared to the second quarter of 2020. But in absolute terms, everything is much more modest - 1.9 million smartphones and fifth place with a share of 3.8%.

Above Realme is the tech giant OPPO. The company shipped 2.8 million smart phones in the quarter and took 5.6% of the market. In comparison with the base period, deliveries almost tripled (+ 180%).

For all other manufacturers in totalaccounts for less than a quarter of the market (22.2%) and 11.1 million devices. Compared to the base period, the smartphone market in Europe grew by 14.4% to 50.1 million units.

Source: Strategy Analytics

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