Xiaomi launches its Cleaner Lite app on Google Play

After the release of smartphones under the Android One program (with “clean” Android), Xiaomi began to spread

to the Google Play store applications previously available only with the MIUI proprietary shell. Another new product is already available for download.

What is it?

This is the Cleaner Lite application, which helps to clean the application cache, obsolete files, apk packages and garbage in memory. In terms of interface, it is very similar to MIUI Security Cleaner.

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There is no advertising in the application, but it is offered as part of the early access program, so it can work unstably.

Once installed, Cleaner Lite requires permissions for access rights - for example, to make phone calls. But even if you reject the request, the application continues to work.

Download Cleaner Lite for free on Google Play.

By the way, before Xiaomi has already released ShareMe (Mi Drop), Mi File Manager, Mi Remote, App Vault, Mi Video, Mi Calculator, Mint Browser, Mint Launcher and Mint Keyboard on Google Play.

Do you know that

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