Xiaomi changes the look of the power menu and volume bar in the new MIUI 12 beta

XDA forum member kacskrz "dig deeper" in the new beta version of MIUI 12 based on Android 11 and found a couple of


What is known

Xiaomi developers decided to change the appearancefood menu. Now it looks the same as on Realme smartphones. That is, it is a slider with a button in the center. If you pull it up, the smartphone will turn off, and if down, it will reboot. Also, the new power menu has updated animations and dimming effects.

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We also installed a new volume panel in the firmware. It became wider and two buttons appeared at the bottom. The first turns on or off the sound, and the second is responsible for the "Do not disturb" mode. By the way, initially the slider adjusts the ringtone volume, but if you click on the three dots on top, sliders will appear with the system and alarm clock volume control.

When to expect

When the innovations will be added to the stable release of the system is still unknown.

Do you know that

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