Xiaomi 12S Ultra will receive TWO dedicated Surge chips of its own development

Xiaomi continues to reveal the secrets of the Xiaomi 12S Ultra camera phone, the presentation of which will take place on Monday.

This time we are talking about the chips of our owndevelopments, of which there will be already two in the device. In new teasers, the company announced the Surge P1 charge control chip, already familiar to us from Xiaomi 12 Pro, as well as its new companion: Surge G1. Its goal will be to manage the battery, monitor its safety and damage in real time and increase the battery life of the smartphone by 3-5%. Thus, the Xiaomi 12S Ultra power system alone has two dedicated chips running in the background and, ironically, consuming a charge. What will come out in the end - we will already find out from the reviews, but for now we are waiting for the presentation on July 4th.

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