Xiaomi announced a two-way jacket Uleemark c heating system for $ 70

In early September, Xiaomi released the multifunctional Uleemark jacket, and the other day the company launched a fundraiser

for another novelty of this brand.

What is known

This is a two-sided jacket, which is made of special fabric. Thanks to her, the novelty is not afraid of rain and wind. Jacket filler is 90% goose down.

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It has a hood, reflective stripes, threepockets and a heating system that can be set to 35 ° C, 43 ° C or 53 ° C. It is powered by a portable battery (10,000 mAh is enough for up to 7 hours of operation). It connects through the built-in USB-A cable and hides in a special compartment. One-button heating is turned on.

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The jacket heats up to the desired temperature in just 15 seconds.

Price and when to wait

Now they are asking for $ 70 for her. When this model will appear on free sale is unknown.

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