Xiaomi has released a compact female electric shaver for $ 14

Xiaomi already has several men's electric razors in stock, now it's the turn

please the novelty and the female audience. And this new product is the Smate Mini Smooth Shaving Device.

What it is

The case of the device is made of soft rubber,therefore, the razor will not slip in the hand. There is only one button on the case - power. The case is also protected from water according to the IPX7 standard, that is, it can withstand immersion in water to a depth of one meter for no more than 30 minutes. That is, an electric shaver shower is definitely not terrible.

The cutting head is rounded and made in such a way as to protect the skin from contact with the blade, but at the same time remove even the shortest hairs.

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A battery is installed inside, the charge of which is enough for the same 60 minutes of operation. There is a USB-C connector for recharging.

The razor is very compact, so you can take it with you on a trip.


Such an electric shaver will cost $ 14. There are blue and pink colors to choose from.

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