Xiaomi HIMO C16: an electric bike with a range of 55-75 km, a load capacity of 100 kg and a price tag of $ 283

Xiaomi launches fundraising for a new e-bike on the crowdfunding platform Youpin

The name is HIMO C16.

What is known

Novelty got a classic look, likemost other bike companies. The HIMO C16 has two seats and a basket for things in the front. The total load capacity is 100 kg, while the weight of the bike itself is 32.5 kg.

HIMO C16 has a 250 W motor and12 Ah battery The range is promised from 55 to 75 km (depending on driving mode). The bike has two LED lights and a black and white screen that displays mileage, speed and other useful information.

Price and when to wait

If the fundraising goes well, then the new owners will be sent to the first owners this fall. The price of the issue is $ 283.

Do you know that

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