Xiaomi introduced a $ 47 3D Harry Potter book

Xiaomi is famous not only for its “smart” gadgets, but also for other very unusual products. And another

confirmation of this - 3D-book On the adventures of Harry Potter based on the novel by Joan Rowling.

What it is

This is a story about the beloved wizard boy and his friends with 3D mock-ups and almost a thousand elements that can be moved and thus “animate” the picture.

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When closed, this is an ordinary book with dimensions of 242 × 289 × 60 mm, but if you expand all the details, you get more than 70 classic movie scenes on an area of ​​about 1 square meter (1089 × 867 mm).

There are five locations in total: the main castle, the tower, the Hogwarts village, the forest and the Quidditch battle stadium. Some scenes will need 3D glasses.

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How many?

For such a voluminous book they ask about $ 47.

Do you know that

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