Xiaomi introduced the 70-inch smart TV Mi TV 4A with a resolution of 4K and a price tag of $ 564

Xiaomi showed a 70-inch Redmi TV in August this year, and now the manufacturer has announced Mi

TV 4A with the same diagonal.

What is known

The new product has a 4K HDR LCD display with a thin body and frames. According to the company, these dimensions make the device appear like a large painting when hung on a wall.

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Mi TV 4A 70” was equipped with 2 GB RAM, 16 GB ROM,64-bit Amlogic processor, as well as Dolby Audio and DTS HD technologies. The TV is controlled by the PatchWall system. Of the ports in the new product, there are three HDMI, two USB and one S/PDIF. The device also boasts a built-in voice assistant called Xiaomi. Through it you can control your Xiaomi smart home.

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Price and when to wait

Sales of the TV start today with a price tag of $564.

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