Xiaomi introduced the Mi Pro H air purifier for $ 239

Xiaomi introduced the new Xiaomi Mi Pro H air purifier and has already opened pre-order for $ 7.

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Xiaomi Mi Pro H can purify air fromformaldehyde, PM2.5 particles and various bacteria. The device is designed to accommodate a maximum of 72 square meters. The gadget uses HEPA H13 material, which is able to filter 99 microns of particles by 99.97%. It also removes odors from kitchen fumes, food, smoke, pets, and the smell in the bathroom.

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The filter has three levels of cleaning speed: low, medium and high. Using the Mijia application, users can find out the air quality in the house and remotely control the device. Xiaomi Mi Pro H is compatible with Xiao AI and other Xiaomi smart products.

The price of the device is $ 239, and the first 1000 customers will receive a Mijia Filter water filter as a gift.

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