Xiaomi is looking for specialists to develop self-driving cars

Last year, there were rumors that Xiaomi would be engaged in the development of vehicles. Late March 2021

the company officially confirmed thisinformation, and CEO Lei Jun announced plans to invest $ 10 billion in this business within 10 years. The initial investment will amount to $ 1.5 billion.

Now it became known that Xiaomi is gainingpersonnel who will be engaged in the development of unmanned vehicles. The corresponding announcement was published by the same CEO. In total, the company intends to offer jobs to 500 specialists in the field of technology for vehicles with automatic piloting systems. They will be engaged in the creation of a proprietary autopilot for future "battery-powered cars" Xiaomi.

The Chinese company is determined to createcompetitive autopilot system. Time will tell what will come of it. In the meantime, in addition to engineers, Xiaomi is recruiting specialists in other areas, including data processing platforms, integrated software, maps, image analysis and millimeter wave processing.

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