Xiaomi Mi Full Screen TV Pro: a line of TVs with 4K displays on 43 ″, 55 ″, 65 ″, 8K video support and a price tag of $ 210

The first new product at today's Xiaomi presentation in China is the Mi Full Screen TV Pro smart TV line.

What is known

The lineup includes three versions thatdiffer only in diagonal displays: 43, 55 and 65 inches. According to the company, the screen in all models occupies 97% of the entire front panel and has a resolution of 4K (rumors have not been confirmed) with the ability to play 8K video. Also new items boast a metal frame and carbon fiber back panel.

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TVs are running under the newAmlogic's 12nm eight-core processor paired with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of ROM. New items have also received support for Dolby Audio and DTS HD Sound technologies, as well as XiaoAI's proprietary voice assistant. The devices will be delivered with the Android operating system, covered by the PatchWall 2.0 shell.

Price and when to wait

TV sales will start in China on September 27 with the following prices:

  • Mi Full Screen TV Pro 43 ″ - $ 210
  • Mi Full Screen TV Pro 55 ″ - $ 337
  • Mi Full Screen TV Pro 65 ″ - $ 447

Whether the news will reach us is still unknown.

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