Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 in the fall: the absolute lack of frames and leaving camera

The Chinese company Xiaomi is among the pioneers of frameless smartphones; it was introduced two years ago

smartphone with virtually no bezels –Mi Mix model. But at that time it was in the status of a concept, and was sold in limited editions exclusively in the markets of the Middle Kingdom. Then there was Mix 2, production was expanded for it, but even this was not enough to launch on the global market. Mix 2S, which was released at the beginning of this year, finally broke through the limitations of a small circulation within its own borders and poured into the international market.

Quick updates

The 2S itself appeared literally six months afterthe predecessor, and now, despite the short start-up period, by all indications (leaks, official hints), the new Mi Mix is ​​almost ready for release, now it's the third. The official premiere of the frameless novelty is scheduled for mid-September. But this is only the level of rumors, because there was no official announcement of the date of the premiere. And the only indirect confirmation of the September event is in the teaser, ostensibly prematurely published by chance.

What showed

If the teaser reflects reality, then the smartphonewill lose the eternal chin, which is available to all, even the most frameless smartphones. It turns out that the display will be absolutely frameless, and will not have a cutout a la iPhoneX. Teaser confirmed earlier leaks, on the basis of which renders were created, which showed a completely frameless compact display. The camera is likely to be traveling, the experience of creating such in the industry already exists, the decision is run in and made quite warm. So, no obstacles are visible.

Other characteristics and functions of the novelty are not yet known, and it is still unknown whether the third Mi Mix will be global or remain within the Chinese market.

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