Xiaomi Mi Smart Water Purifier: a “smart” water purifier with three filters, a minimalist design and a $ 167 price tag

In addition to the new versions of smart TVs Mi TV 4A and Mi TV 4X, Xiaomi today announced another water purifier

Mi Smart Water Purifier.

What is known

Novelty got a minimalistic design,rather big dimensions of the case, and also three different filters. They are needed for 5 stages of water purification. On the first two, the filter removes all large particles, as well as chlorine and color. In the third stage, he gets rid of heavy metals and other organic materials. Then it gives the taste of water and finally kills the remaining bacteria. According to the company, the efficiency of such cleaning is 99.9%.

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Mi Smart Water Purifier also got the opportunityconnect to a smartphone. Through the Mi Home app, you can check the water level in the tank, the amount of dissolved solids (TDS), and the durability of the filters.

Price and when to wait

The novelty will go on sale on September 29 with a price tag of $ 167.

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