Xiaomi Miaomiaoce Air Vacuum Pump: a household vacuum sealer for preserving products

Yesterday we told you about the Xiaomi portable blender, and today we found another useful one on AliExpress.

product of a Chinese manufacturer.

What is known

It's about a household vacuum packerXiaomi Miaomiaoce Air Vacuum Pump products. The device boasts compact dimensions, minimalist design and a body with a weight of 185 g. The device has two modes of operation: manual and automatic.

The vacuum sealer is powered by a 600 mAh battery, and is charged via the USB-C port. According to the manufacturer, the battery capacity is enough for one hour of work.

Using the pump is very simple. To do this, bring it to a special hole in the package and press the button. As soon as a vacuum is created inside, the blue indicator on the Miaomiaoce will turn off and the pump will shut off.


Xiaomi Miaomiaoce Air Pump now sells for $ 28. In the kit there are nine packages of different sizes. If necessary, they can be purchased separately.

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