Xiaomi promises a festival of new products, which will present 20 gadgets in 55 minutes. It is not joke?

Vice President of Xiaomi and Head of the Redmi Brand Lu Weibing announced the holding of the Mi Festival, during

which Xiaomi will bombard (in a figurative sense, of course, we are against cruelty to gadgets) users with new products.

What to expect?

One person should speak at the eventof the founders, Xiaomi Vice President and Head of Xiaomi China Wang Chuan. On this day they promise to present about 20 new products, all in less than an hour. More precisely, the festival will last only 55 minutes.

Judging by the poster, the new products will include a laptop, VR headset, PowerBank, smart speaker, suitcase, glasses, etc. And the word ROY hints at a special version of the flagship Xiaomi Mi 9.

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The date of this event raises doubts.festival - April 1, just in time for April Fool's Day. Perhaps Xiaomi has already started to have fun in anticipation of this day, and there won’t actually be any festival. Although the company previously announced real products on April 1.

Do you know what

Did you know that the most popular goods Xiaomi ecosystem on Aliexpress are:

  • 19-in-1 electric screwdriver for easy handling with small parts
  • nose and ear hair remover
  • Smart wine cork extending the life of an open bottle
  • control center smart home Xiaomi
  • automatic soap dispenser with frother