Xiaomi raises money for a temperature-controlled smart mattress

Xiaomi has added a new product to its crowdfunding platform - the Chanitex smart mattress.

Like this

Chanitex consists of several layerscotton with a mesh of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) pipes in the middle layer and a separate module. Water is heated in it, which then flows into the tubes and thus heats the mattress. It is also equipped with 12 protection functions: against water spillage, insufficient liquid, overheating or hypothermia, and others. After 15 hours of operation, the device automatically turns off.

You can adjust the temperature using the MIJIA app. It is adjustable from 25°C to 60°C. Heat can be used to kill beetles and mites.

Sales will begin on October 27, the cost of Chanitex at the fundraising stage is $197. Later the price may rise.

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