Xiaomi released Mint Launcher Lite Launcher

Xiaomi has released a new branded launcher, Mint Launcher, designed for budget employees with a minimum

memory capacity.

What it is

The new launcher is very similar to the POCO Launcher for Pocophone F1. According to the developers, it is distinguished by “high speed of operation combined with security.”

Mint Launcher allows you to edit iconsdesktop, changing their size and appearance, grouping programs into categories, customizing the desktop grid and hiding some icons from prying eyes.

In addition, there are control gestures, convenient and quick search, and effects for changing screens on the desktop.

And most importantly, the launcher weighs only 9.7 MB.

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Where to find

Mint Launcher is already available on Google Play.Theoretically, it can be downloaded to smartphones with Android 5.0 or a more recent version of the OS. But in practice, it seems that it is not yet compatible with any model. But you can still try it out - to do this you need to download and manually install the APK file of the program.

Most likely, the launcher is intended for smartphones like Redmi Go based on Android Go. Let us remind you that the company also has a lightweight Xiaomi Mint browser, which weighs only 10 MB.

Do you know that

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