Xiaomi Shunzao Z1 Portable Vacuum Cleaner: a compact wireless vacuum cleaner with a USB-C port and a price tag of $ 21

On the crowdfunding platform Youpin, fundraising has begun for another new Xiaomi product - wireless

Vacuum cleaner Shunzao Z1 Portable Vacuum Cleaner.

What is known

The novelty has compact dimensions of the case,black and white colors, as well as two versions: Shunzao Z1 and Shunzao Z1 Pro. They differ in battery life and the ability to adjust the suction power. For example, Shunzao Z1 will work 12 minutes on a single charge, and the Pro version 10 minutes at maximum power and 30 minutes at minimum. Both models are charged via the USB-C port. They also have a special LED-backlight and two nozzles in the kit.

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For the Shunzao Z1 Portable Vacuum Cleaner they ask for $ 21, and for the Pro version - $ 28.

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