Xiaomi unveils Mijia Light Sensor: $ 7 automated light sensor

The assortment of the Chinese company Mijia replenished with a new light sensor Mijia Light Sensor. Device can

purchase from December 12 through the Xiaomi crowdfunding platform.

What is remarkable

Mijia Light Sensor can with high accuracyDetect changes in light intensity and automatically configure other smart gadgets. For example, during the day, the sensor can open the curtains, and at night turn on more lights in the house. At the same time, in the Mijia application, the user himself can adjust the time reference and lighting to his liking.

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Mijia Light Sensor housing is resistant toUV resistant, waterproof and protected from high temperatures. The device itself is quite compact, it can be put on a shelf, glued to the wall or magnetized.

Sales of Mijia Light Sensor will start on December 12 through the Xiaomi Youpin crowdfunding platform. The price is 49 yuan (about 7 US dollars). The start date for sales in Ukraine is still unknown.

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