Xiaomi's dual folding smartphone lit up on video

Folding phone — this is a new trend from mobile manufacturers that is just starting

develop and penetrate the world market.Some companies have already demonstrated their success in this direction. For example, the Korean tech giant Samsung recently introduced the Galaxy Fold to our attention. Very soon the Chinese leader will also make himself known — Xiaomi company. And the recently published video is clear confirmation of this.


Foldable smartphone Xiaomi

Back in January, a photo appeared on the Internet,published by Xiaomi President Bin Ling, showcasing Xiaomi's dual foldable smartphone. The picture showed that the phone was bending at the top and bottom. The photo was published in January, a few weeks before Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Fold. If the device has both «wings» folded, it represents a smartphone. If you spread your wings, then this is already a mini-tablet.

Now we can look at the miracle phone alreadya little closer, a 10-second video has surfaced online on Weibo. There is speculation that the device will be released in the second quarter of the year at a price of approximately $999. Xiaomi's foldable smartphone will not be available for sale in the US.

If these rumors are real, thenXiaomi will again be able to enter the market with its policy of good value for money and discourage competitors. And although we cannot understand exactly what this device looks like on a 10-second video, some people believe that the Xiaomi dual folding screen offers a technology that surpasses the capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

There are other companies that are preparing theirversions of folding phones. Motorola is hoping to capitalize on sales of its Android flip phone. But this phone will not have high-end specifications like the Galaxy Fold.

Motorola RAZR will supposedly havesmall external screen with a resolution of 600 x 800 and an aspect ratio of 4:3. The clamshell opens vertically to reveal a large 6.2-inch display with a resolution of 876 x 2142. The nearly 22:9 aspect ratio makes the display tall and thin. Under the hood we have the Snapdragon 710 platform with two options:  4 GB/64 GB and 6 GB/128 GB of memory. The Motorola device is rumored to be priced at $1,500, compared to $1,980 for the more flagship Sammy Galaxy Fold.
Therefore, Xiaomi can become a leader in the field of foldable phones.

Until now, Xiaomi has not yet announcedpresentation of a new folding smartphone. Now the manufacturer is trying to increasingly attract the attention of the public and the press to this new product by publishing various leaks.