You bought a smart watch or Bluetooth headphones on AliExpress for 1500 rubles: what to prepare for

Let's say you are planning to order some Chinese gadget on AliExpress. But is it worth it or better

see an analogue in Russia? The host of the YouTube channel "BEAST" answered this question using Mibro brand devices as an example. Discuss

So, you ordered Bluetooth headphones or smart watches from AliExpress. What could be the result of such a purchase? And what can you expect from these devices? Said the host of the channel "BEAST" on YouTube.

The expert of the YouTube channel "BEAST" bought headphonesMibro S1 and Mibro C2 watch and found out what features they actually have to offer. As for the Mibro C2 watches, they are quite comfortable. Notifications from the smartphone come to them, and the screen lights up when you raise your wrist. The device is also equipped with a color display with a resolution of 240 × 280, a reader for pulse, sleep time, blood oxygen levels, and pressure. You can use this watch to watch the weather, however, the translation into Russian is a little clumsy.

In the mobile application for Mibro C2 you canchoose any watch face design you like and keep track of all health parameters. But you need to be prepared for a not very high-quality translation into Russian.

The Mibro S1 earphones differ in that they are capable ofkeep a charge up to 35 hours and are equipped with touch controls. You also get them in a rather unusual case. The headphones also sound quite decent, although they are not in-ear, so there will be no complete immersion in music.


In general, Mibro S1 and Mibro C2 gadgets are definitely worth buying. This is good value for money.