You shouldn’t be like that: Valve explained the criticism of the Epic Games Store in the scandal with Metro Exodus

The first scandal associated with the Epic Games Store occurred after the announcement of the move of Metro Exodus from Steam to the epic store.

Then gamers reacted negativelyto the news, and Valve called such a move dishonest. Users took up the words, accompanying each announcement of exclusivity for the Epic Games Store with criticism, but, as it turned out, the creators of Steam are not against such a policy.

What is known

Steam developer and designer Nathaniel Bluespoke with Kotaku, explaining the store's position. According to a Valve employee, the company is not against the very concept of exclusivity, but the situation itself was criticized when a release is canceled after a long pre-sale period.

"I don't think our goal was to upsetof people. This was not the purpose of the message. It's a matter of timing. The game was ready to launch, and then why did this [Epic store exclusivity] happen? It didn't turn out what we expected. The message was not meant to be a lightning rod,” Blue said.

Perhaps the players actually misunderstoodValve's words. After the move, the Metro series games were bombarded with reviews, with massive users giving the projects bad ratings. Moreover, in the future, exclusive agreements with other developers faced criticism.

"Our goal is not to upset the community or"to set someone's hair on fire." The goal was to bring developers closer to customers, create a truly valuable place for people to play and focus on that,” he said.