Young people bring millions of dollars to meditation app developers

Sensor Tower analyst firm found out that in 2019, the revenue of the ten most popular meditation apps

amounted to a record $ 195 million. The growth was ensured by the trend for taking care of themselves among young people.

According to Sensor Tower report, top 10 appsfor meditation, they earned 45% more money last year than in the previous similar period. And in 2015, for example, the most popular meditation services brought their developers only $ 8 million.

TechCrunch experts said revenue growthwas due not only to the activity of a constant user base, but also to the influx of new users. In 2019, at least one application from the top 10 was downloaded by 52 million people, which is 15.6% more than in 2018.

Analysts are sure that the growth of popularityapplications for meditation is associated with the lifestyle of young people, millennials. They are getting married later and are not in a hurry to have children, which means they have a lot of time for themselves. Thus, young people have allowed meditation application developers to earn millions of dollars.