YouTube algorithm automatically detects products in videos

The YouTube administration is testing the function of automatically detecting the list of products and goods that are removed

on the video.As noted in the platform's blog, since March 22, 2021, this feature has been working for users who watch videos in the United States. An early version of the function was tested in the middle of last year, although this test was very small.

In one of his blogs, a YouTube spokesperson gave details on how this model works.

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“We are experimenting with a new feature thatdisplays a list of the products that the model finds in the videos, as well as related products. The feature will appear between the featured videos. Our goal is to help users get more information about these products on YouTube, ”said YouTube.

Journalists point out that in the future, Google wantscreate your own system of affiliate links, as well as link commercial activities to uploading videos. These lists could function as a second recommendation algorithm, with YouTube serving videos with similar products. It would also allow products to be posted on the platform.

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