YouTube Music vs. Spotify: New YT Music Interest Playlist

YouTube Music is not as popular as Spotify, but their engineers are clearly on par with their competitors. In the service from Google completely

recently appeared “Discover Mix” – a smart playlist that is compiled based on the user’s listening history.

What it is?

The playlist holds 49 tracks and has a neona retro-style logo similar to the “New Release Mix,” which in turn closely resembles Spotify's “Release Radar”. As the playlist by YT says, the music is “tailored for you” based on preferences and is updated every Wednesday.

Are the selections good?

One Reddit user said thatalmost all the tracks were new to him, and 32 of 49 he added to his library. Some people report that it’s difficult to achieve such success from Spotify, and usually only a couple of songs are added from the whole variety. It remains to wait for feedback from other users. In the CIS, such a function is not yet available, however, most likely, this misunderstanding will soon be corrected.