Zinc-based anode-free battery is created: it is cheap and environmentally friendly

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large companies from fossil fuels.To do this, energy companies need a safe and economical way to store energy. Massive lithium-ion batteries can do the job, but they suffer from safety concerns and limited availability of lithium.

To do this, the researchers created a prototype battery.zinc based without anode. The article notes that zinc-based water batteries have previously been investigated for grid-scale energy storage due to their safety and high energy density. In addition, the materials used to make them are expensive.

Based on previous studies of anodelesslithium and sodium metal batteries, scientists decided to create a battery in which the cathode is the only source of galvanizing the copper pantograph.

The researchers used a cathode in their batteryfrom manganese dioxide, pre-intercalated with zinc ions. During charging, the zinc metal is covered with copper foil, and during discharge, the metal is stripped off, releasing electrons that power the battery.

To prevent the formation of dendrites,the researchers covered the copper current collector with a layer of carbon nanodiscs. This layer promoted uniform zincating, thereby preventing the formation of dendrites, and increased the efficiency of zincating and stripping. The battery has shown high efficiency, energy density and stability: it retained 62.8% of its capacity after 80 charge and discharge cycles.

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