ZTE Axon V - as a template for this year's semi-flagship

Judging by the leaks, ZTE is preparing the same as everything this year - a slider, three cameras there, types of fire ... But why

is he the one who is in love? So to speak, ZTE Axon V and S both templated and unique, in their own way. For example, the most obvious is a camera on the side. “Why is it on the side?” Is the most pressing question, I hope they will find how to explain this in the presentation. Surely, it agrees “Some serious research” - the most convenient form factor and in general (!) - the person always looked to the right of the lens. Problem solved, do not thank. But this will become clear only after the official announcement. And this is not the most important thing, but the main thing is why he, in my true subjective opinion, is a template. Only in the first 3 months of this year. EVERYONE more or less large office considered it her holy duty to humanity to show something similar to our hero. This and recently emerged in the leaks Galaxy A90and a miracle of technology from Huaweiwhich has not yet acquired a name, andmuch more ... There are, and certainly, pluses - everyone wanted fully frameless screens? They will! The only problem is the stereotyped nature of what is happening. They are all one-on-one not so much in terms of performance or speed, but externally! Vangueyu in the fall, if all the same, Apple reduces the model cycle from 4 years to 2x, or releases the same thing, but throws it out with a separate product THIS with words: “Duck, we came up with it back in 2014 ... and in general, this is the most convenient location for the camera, we rethought the phone” and so on. A little nastolgirovaya, in their then 23 years old, I will say one thing - it used to be really better. When your 3230 on the omnipotent Symbian OS amazed the minds of others, and Galaxy S6 showed that the smartphone can be not only white and black (I exaggerate, strongly), but also bright and eye-catching, but Lumia 1020 - that, all the same, you can “attach” the phone to the camera, and not just the other way around ...

A source: AndroidCentral