AirPods 2 generation vs AirPods 1 generation: what's new?

Yesterday, Apple added new AirPods 2 generations to its site. New headphones have not been much updated, as

suggested rumors. So how do AirPods 2 generations differ from the original? Let's figure it out together.

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If you already have the 1st generation AirPods, you do not need to buy new ones. Yes, they have been improved, but these improvements are not worth it.

Than Airplans 2 different from the original Airplans?

More long lasting Job

This is one of the most significant new changes.AirPods. Thanks to the H1 chip, they can work up to 8 hours in talk mode. In addition, together with the case they are able to work more than 24 hours. This is 50% better than the original AirPods, which, in talk mode, last only 4 hours.

New chip H1

AirPods 2 generation work on the new H1 chip withcustom audio architecture. Thanks to this, they not only became more economical, but also received other improvements. With the new chip, the headphones connect to devices faster, the delay is less, the audio quality has improved, and the headphones switch faster between the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch.

The new chip should also fix connectivity problems that may arise from owners of original AirPods.

According to Apple, AirPods 2 is the best in alltasks related to connecting to devices. Switching between devices has become 2 times faster, connecting to calls is one and a half times faster, and the signal delay during games has decreased by 30%. In addition, the sound quality has been improved.

“Hi, Siri"

The new H1 chip also provides the “Hi, Siri” function. Now you don’t have to touch the headphones to activate your personal assistant, just say the legendary phrase.

What do the new headphones have in common with the original ones? Airplans?

Case for wireless charging

Together with the new AirPods, Apple introduced the casefor wireless charging. It does not come with AirPods 2 by default, but is available as an option. With a regular case, the new AirPods cost 13,490 rubles, and with a case for wireless charging, they cost 16,990 rubles. A case for wireless charging can be purchased separately for 6590 rubles. Accordingly, it is more profitable to buy new headphones immediately with a new case than to buy them separately.

The good news is that the new case fits andfor old airplanes. Maybe the wireless charging function will seem useless to you, but in fact it is very convenient. If you have an iPhone with wireless charging, you can use your charger for the new AirPods case. Or you can buy a charger that can charge your smartphone and headphones at the same time.

What is missing new Airplans 2 generations?

AirPods are some of the best wireless headphones.but they are not perfect. Many hoped that for AirPods 2 the company would correct all the flaws of the original headphones. However, this did not happen. The new AirPods did not have features available on other Bluetooth headphones. It:

  • Protection against water.
  • More comfortable and position in the ear.
  • Noise suppression.
  • Superior design.

If the improved design is not so important, then protection fromwater just would not hurt. Even minimal sweat protection would be enough. The original AirPods may well experience sports and a light rain, but they don’t have official protection against sweat. This means that you will have to pay for repairing moisture damage. In addition, some AirPods users stopped working after a couple of months of active use.

The original AirPods were also criticized forthat they sit uncomfortably in the ear and let the noise out. Initially, these shortcomings could be forgiven, but now everything has changed. Samsung, Bose and many other companies have their own wireless headphones, which are better than AirPods in many aspects.

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