Apple employees listen to 1000 messages for Siri per day

Siri's assistant is currently recording and sending your voice recordings to Apple, where they are carefully studied for

service improvements.

The Guardian reports that employees also hear pretty personal things, like medical information, drug deals, and more intimate details.

The work of a former Apple employee, he said,was to detect a random or targeted call to Siri on a smartphone. Despite the fact that Apple is accused of regularly listening to confidential information, the employee says that personal data or fragments of conversations only “sometimes” get into their field of vision.

The reason we are becoming more aware ofsuch unpleasant things, is that workers leave work. Recently, Apple refused the services of contract agency GlobeTech, the employer of the person who provided the details.

Such work on Apple is similar to what mercenaries for Microsoft do, which were supposed to decrypt and classify messages for Cortana, a digital assistant from the same company.

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