Apple Watch or Honor Band 5: sleep monitoring

Smart watches Apple Watch are the most popular among wearable devices, plus they have a rare

health benefits. Namely, the ability to use an advanced method of monitoring heart rate and the ability of a watch to monitor and detect and ultimately dangerous heart rhythm disturbances with subsequent notification to the user. Well, of course, these two functions are not unfounded, they are approved and certified.

Rumor has it that Apple wants to turntheir watches are also in a smart sleep tracker, but so far this option has not yet been officially implemented. At the moment, users can simply install applications on a smart watch to track sleep. The most popular are Pillow or Sleep ++.

It became interesting for a blogger to comparesleep monitoring on Honor Band 5 and Apple Watch with the Pillow application preinstalled. It is worth noting that the new Honor Band 5 watch can be purchased for less than $ 40, and this fitness bracelet is a direct competitor to Xiaomi's Mi Band line. However, it has more features, such as oxygen tracking.

The blogger carried the Honor Band 5 for about a week and highlighted a number of advantages and disadvantages.


  • Excellent battery life - up to 10 days with heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking
  • Useful SpO2 Oxygen Levels
  • Rich activity tracking features, including free workouts and swimming style reports
  • Call & Message Notifications


  • The screen is not very responsive when wet, it is difficult to turn off swimming tracking, sometimes it does not respond to touch if it is wet.
  • Awakening time is easy to miss with a simple tap on the screen.

However, the user was most interested ina dedicated sleep tracking mode on the Honor Band 5, which he compared to the Apple Watch with downloaded third-party apps. Immediately, sleep monitoring on Honor Band 5 does not significantly reduce battery life, which can not be said from Apple Watch, the watch runs out much faster.

User notes that Band 5 and Apple Watchdetermine the moment when you go to bed and wake up almost the same. However, there are differences in how applications define deep, shallow sleep. The Pillow app also counts the time in bed when the user is awake, so the statistics change as a result. Honor Band 5 is more credible, as this watch provides more detailed breakdowns. As a result, the final sleep quality verdicts issued by the Apple Watch are slightly different depending on the application and its interpretations.

Screenshots from Honor Band 5

Apple Watch (Pillow) vs Honor Band 5

The reason Apple is still notadds the sleep tracking function to the general list of capabilities of its smart watches, not that the company cannot do this. Just a new feature will significantly increase the battery consumption of the watch, and the battery life of the Apple Watch is already the lowest indicator for the most popular wearable devices in the world.

Therefore, you can completely do with the Honor Band 5, which are universal in their application and at the same time much cheaper.

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