Contest "Panasonic History": summing up

The contest “History of Panasonic” has ended and today we are summing up its results. The competition was attended by 142 people.

Correctly answered all 5 questions 8 readers. And the winners, according to the draw, are: Alexander Shishkov (Melitopol), Serhii lymarenko (Dnipro), Yuri Koval (Ivano-Frankivsk), Igor Doroshenko (Kiev), Vitaly Kremenetsky (Kropyvnytskyi). Congratulations to the winners and good luck to all the other participants in our new contests!

The correct answers

  1. What does the word Panasonic mean?
    1. reliability and durability
    2. Sakura flower
    3. all sound correct answer
    4. great way
    5. hardworking hedgehog, contemplating the sunset on the side of Mount Fuji
  2. What was the first successful product of the company founded by Konosuke Matsushita?
    1. bicycle flashlight correct answer
    2. car radio
    3. marching rice cooker
    4. floor fan
    5. phonograph with stereo recording
  3. The mission of the company, formulated by the founder, declares:
    1. developing the company in such a way as to help develop the society, contributing to the improvement of people's lives
    2. promotion of their products to the international market and integration into the global business community
    3. the creation of goods, without which people do before
    4. overcoming poverty by providing mass production of goods correct answer
    5. production of goods for a better life
  4. In 1970, a time capsule with Panasonic products was laid at the Osaka Expo. When it was removed, 30 years later, the two devices remained in working condition. These were:
    1. tape recorder and radio
    2. rice cooker and TV correct answer
    3. fan and toaster
    4. calculator and humidifier
    5. player and headphones
  5. In 2016, together with Tesla, Panasonic opened a factory ...
    1. Hyperloop
    2. Space x
    3. SolarCity
    4. Gigafactory correct answer
    5. Neuralink
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