Designers have created the most annoying site in the whole Internet.

A team of designers from the Bagaar studio launched a website that can be categorized as a tool for

torture. The developers tried to create the most user-unfriendly interface and they succeeded.

Register as a feat

Site is made in the form of a game where everything is aimed at confusing you. The goal is simple - go through the hell of a curved interface and register for a while. All buttons, icons, navigation and colors here are made contrary to established rules: four password requirements, written in light green on a blue background, black and white icons of countries, a constantly pop-up timer, and much more. Everything is so bad and funny that even brilliant.

"Over the past ten years we have become accustomed tospecific design patterns: positions, colors, icons. Users act intuitively, taking 90% of the interface for granted. But what happens if you mix everything up well? What if we move away from the established rules and do the opposite? ”, The developers say

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