Destiny 2 broke into Steam, leading the top sales and collecting 200 thousand players per night

On October 1, Destiny 2 finally left the server and moved to Steam. It turned out that users

The store was waiting for the game and gave the Bungie project a warm welcome.

What is known

Destiny 2 has captured the top selling Steam. At the time of writing the news, Destiny 2 takes the first place: Shadowkeep Digital Deluxe, the second is the regular Shadowkeep edition, and the Forsaken add-on is in third place.

The success of the game did not end there. Destiny 2 overtook Rainbow Six Siege, GTA 5, and Team Fortress 2 in terms of peak online. So, at the same time on the servers were 219 997 players. There are 132,778 users playing Destiny 2 right now. Note that, before the release of Destiny 2: Shadowkeep, the servers were under maintenance and were turned on only at 20:00 Kyiv time. So the game reached similar results in less than a day.

Perhaps this excitement is associated with the exitfree Destiny 2: New Light, which contains the content of the additions of the first year and Gambit mode. In addition, to complete the Shadowkeep (Shadow Hall, - Rus.), You do not need to buy the second-year addition Forsaken (Rejected, - Rus.), Which also lowers the entry threshold.

Recall that Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is already available not only on Steam, but also on PlayStation 4 with Xbox One.

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