Huawei plans to sell 20 million Mate 30 smartphones

After the presentation of the flagship Mate 30 family, the head of Huawei Consumer Business Group Richard Yu talked to reporters

and told them about the plans of the company. And despite US sanctions, they are pretty optimistic.

Bet on China

After the cancellation of Google certification, Huawei is still hoping for big sales of new flagships, only now it is betting on its home market - China.

“I think this ban will affect our sales outside of China. But sales in China will increase significantly because it is the most competitive 5G flagship in the world, ”says Richard Yu.

In total, the company expects to sell up to 20 million smartphones of the Mate 30 series.

“After the May ban, our sales fell, butNow they really recover very quickly, so consumers love our products. I believe that we can sell more than 20 million copies of the Mate 30 series, ”said the head of Huawei.

Recall flagships will be sold withoutpre-installed Google services, but they can be downloaded from the App Gallery brand store. True, experiments have shown that they do not always work correctly. Huawei still hopes that soon the ban will be lifted and users will again be able to fully use Google.

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