iPhone 11: first user reviews

And although official sales of the new iPhone 11 have not yet started, some users already have new items and

reputable bloggers. And, of course, discussions around these smartphones are now going in the most active way. In this article, we decided to share with you the first reviews and impressions of the iPhone 11. So, what are the pros and cons of users highlighted ...

IPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max reviews

IPhone 11 Reviews

iPhone 11 is the cheapest of all the new iPhones of 2019. And many believe that this particular model will become the most popular among the mobile community.

The guys from Wired also think so and called thisversion of the iPhone for Everyone. Of the pluses, they noted the phone’s camera update, long battery life, low cost and high speed of the Bionic A13 processor. They especially noted the design of the Apple user interface for the camera application, indicating how this improves the use of the camera.

Of course, we can’t say that the camera is newThe iPhone 11 has hit or set some new standard that other manufacturers have not yet done. No. Of course, the iPhone 11 Pro with its trendy three-lens module on the back is noticeably better. But one of the areas where Apple deserves credit is the overall bundle of camera features and the design of the app interface on the iPhone 11.

Smartphones are now overloaded with so many functions that it is difficult to understand what's what, and this can push people to try new things.

Wired noted that the iPhone 11 isan impressive device, but Apple hasn’t done anything innovative with the base model of the iPhone this year. In a nutshell, according to this resource, the iPhone 11 is a “very decent phone,” which will have more than enough features to encourage people to buy or upgrade it.

Another equally well-known edition of Verge beganhis review, saying simply: “iPhone 11 is the phone that will be acquired by most people who switch to the new iPhone this year.” The site particularly liked the iPhone 11 camera update, including an ultra-wide lens and night mode.

So is it worth upgrading to the new iPhone 11? If your iPhone is older than XR and you want to update it, I think the answer is yes. The camera is significantly improved, and you get a much longer battery life than anything other than the XR. This is what most people care about, and Apple really took that into account here.

If you really think about the display, then I wouldspent the extra money only on the iPhone 11 Pro. Honestly, I do not think that you miss a lot if you do not have a telephoto lens. Personally, I am a little worried about displays, so I choose Pro, but I think that most people will be very happy with the iPhone 11 model.

Another Engadget Edition Discussed Qualitydisplay on the iPhone 11, noting that its LCD is the same as last year's iPhone XR. Although this is a lower display quality compared to the OLED in the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, “in everyday use, the differences don't matter.”

Engadget also notes 6.1-inch displayThe iPhone 11, calling it the perfect choice between a too small 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro and a large 6.5-inch iPhone 11 Pro Max. The site also appreciates the battery life of the iPhone 11, which lasted an average of about 17 hours.

In a sense, the iPhone 11 has the same fundamental flaws as the XR: it has one camera less than the more expensive Apple models, and its screen is not so good.

One thought that occurred to me duringtesting, it was that the gap in functionality between this phone and the Pro version has become surprisingly narrow. There are pros worth spending money on the Pro, but after you feel what the iPhone 11 is capable of, these benefits do not always justify the cost of an additional $ 300. As I said, the iPhone 11 is the best new iPhone for most people, and this is undoubtedly the one I would buy for myself.

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