Serious issues detected in iOS 13.2

Not so long ago, Apple released the iOS 13.2 update for the iPhone, which brings a number of useful innovations. AT

including at the disposal of usersDeep Fusion feature, 59 new emojis, etc. The first reviews were positive, but over time, users already managed to thoroughly test the firmware, and found an important problem related to the incorrect operation of multitasking.

Negative reviews

On mobile forums, severalusers write that after installing iOS 13.2 on the phone there were problems with memory management. Let's say an iPhone user watches a video on YouTube and pauses the video to answer the call. When he returns to YouTube, the video disappears. As one of the Reddit members wrote:

There is nothing more frustrating thanpause the video on YouTube, and then go back and find that the application has been updated and the video has disappeared. I know that it is in my browsing history, but it’s funny that the application has been completely updated.

If you carefully analyze all the complaints,almost all users write that the system unloads the application itself. Many iOS users claim that their iPhone and iPad do not support multitasking after upgrading to iOS and iPadOS 13.2.

One Reddit contributor named DatDeLorean gave a good example of the multitasking problem that many people face in iOS 13.2:

I can use Apollo, switch toWhatsApp, in order to reply to the message in a minute, and when I switch back to Apollo, I need to restart the application. This is very enraging, because I have 7 Plus, which should have more than enough RAM to simultaneously process these two applications or more.

Tweet from an iPhone user named Nick Heer (@nickheer):

This happens constantly throughout the system in iOS 13: Safari cannot keep even one open tab open. In the background, every application loads from scratch, and when using iOS it feels like it has regressed to the days before multitasking.

If you're curious, all iPhone 2019 models have4 GB of RAM. This is the same as last year's iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, and more than the 3 GB used in the iPhone XR. It should be noted that due to the optimization used by Apple, you cannot make direct comparisons with the amount of RAM on Android phones, which reaches 12 GB on some high-end models.

Now one thing is clear that the iOS 13.2 update has seriously affected multitasking on the iPhone and iPad.

This problem also affects the iPadOS 13.2, which can be considered even more serious, since a dedicated operating system for the tablet should make the iPad the maximum replacement for a laptop.

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