Violence in law: YouTube has simplified the rules for Mortal Kombat 11, PUBG and other violent games

In recent years, Minecraft has been more common in the YouTube gaming section than projects like Mortal Kombat. Area

guided by strict rules regarding games with violence, but finally decided to change the policy.

What changed

From now on, fights and fighting in video games will amount to "staged or pretended violence." In this category there were already films and series, and now video games have joined the ranks.

“We know that there is a difference between violencein the real world and scripted or simulated violence - for example, what you see in movies, TV shows or video games - so we want to make sure that we consistently apply our violence or graphic content policy, ”writes YouTube.

If earlier the gameplay of Mortal Kombat 11 couldjust delete from the channel or put a label 18+, now the rules will be softer. If the author of the content uploads a video with a “brutal game,” instead of an age limit or blocking, YouTube can approve the video and put it on the masses without reservation.

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At the same time, if the video focuses on violencemost of the time, then hosting can put an age limit. When setting limits on a video, YouTube will consider whether the author has added context, indicating that the violence is staged or fictitious. In addition, the headline will influence the decision of the administration whether there is censorship and so on. A full list of conventions can be found on the official hosting page.

“To clarify, we can still limitage of game videos, if violence is the only focus - more graphic scenes such as dismemberment, decapitation, showing human corpses with these serious injuries can be limited by age, while less graphic content can be approved, ”says message.

Recall that the age limit interferesvideos falling into Trends, and 18+ content may not be displayed on mobile devices, which also affects views. In addition, YouTube may send a “strike” channel for violation of community rules, and after three messages the account is deleted.

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