Xiaomi Zanjia portable steamer

In my arsenal there are already several smart household appliances from the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. Unconditional

the robot vacuum cleaner, wireless became favoritesa vacuum cleaner with a large number of practical nozzles, an electric kettle, a stationary fan. The other day, this list has expanded with a new no less useful device - a manual steamer Xiaomi Zanjia GT-301W, which I will review further.

Xiaomi steamer review

The main feature that attracts me tomost Xiaomi products have the ability to exploit them here and now. For example, I don’t have to get out, pull out the wire and plug in a regular vacuum cleaner to remove random rubbish. I just quickly take the Roidmi F8 cordless vacuum cleaner from the base and vacuum the right place. And it’s precisely such devices that include the Xiaomi Zanjia steamer, which I always have at hand and which eliminates the need to take out and disassemble the ironing board, connect the iron and wait until it heats up. Its main advantage is portability.


The steamer from Xiaomi at a glance seemsvery similar to a hair dryer - you can even mix it up unknowingly. As is the case with most devices from this manufacturer, the design is as minimalistic as possible, rigorous and fits well into any home interior. Quite compact size, light weight. Even with prolonged work, I did not feel fatigue in my hand. The device weighs very little, much less than a conventional iron.


Everything is as simple and, most importantly, fast. First you need to pour water into the container. A matte translucent water container is attached to the back of the device. In order to remove it or fasten it is enough to make a small turn. Water can be poured directly from under the tap (filtered) by directing the jet into a special hole that closes with a silicone valve. By the way, the manufacturer does not indicate special requirements for water, so I always pour water from the tap through the filter.

Now that the water container is installed, you just need to connect the wire to the outlet and wait about 30 seconds for heating. Usually I connect the device and after that start getting the right thing. While I take it out and hang it on a hanger, everything is ready for work. By the way, if that, then there is a corresponding indicator.

Next, proceed to steaming. Hold the only button on the handle here, which is used to supply steam, and steam off the thing you need. I note that you can use the Zanjia GT-301W both in the horizontal direction and in the vertical - this does not affect the quality of work. Here, the manufacturer thought everything through. Therefore, you can iron things directly on hangers, or you can lay them out on an ironing board or other horizontal surface. As soon as you release the button, the steam supply stops.


Several weeks of heavy useThe Xiaomi Zanjia Garment Steamer steamer made up the overall impression of this smart device. If we are talking about tissue options that can be steamed with it, then there are no prohibitions. I give them absolutely everything: from thin, silk to dense, draped, woolen, etc. Another thing is that he steams them in different ways. With synthetic, thin, silk, knitted and delicate fabrics, he copes with two times. But in the case of an autumn coat or a tight jacket, you will have to spend a little more time.

Based on this, I can safely say that thisthe device is simply necessary for those who travel often, travel on business trips, etc. Due to its small dimensions, it can be easily thrown into a bag or suitcase and removed at the right time to iron your item.

Can steaming from Xiaomi becomealternative to the classic iron? Why not. With his appearance, I stopped taking out a stationary iron, and now I put all things in order only with him. But if we are talking about ironing bedding or other overall things, it will certainly be more convenient to use an iron here.

In my life, the steamer became a daily assistant in the morning when I was going to work: I took a thing from the closet, quickly steamed it directly on the hanger and dressed.

I would also like to note the presence of Xiaomi Zanjiaa metal plate that heats up during steam supply and acts as an iron. You can not only steam a thing, but also touch this plate to the fabric, as if ironing it. In my past steamer of another manufacturer, there was no such plate - it was its drawback. Plus, there is another additional nozzle to facilitate the processing of wool. You will find all technical characteristics of the device below.


  • Power 1200 W
  • Warm-up time before starting work - no more than 35 seconds
  • Heating temperature 132 ℃
  • 5 holes for blowing steam
  • Water tank 150 ml
  • Continuous operation for 8 minutes
  • Double heating panel
  • The angle of the heating surface is 8 degrees

Where can one buy?

Xiaomi Zanjia GT-301W steamer can be bought in the largest Chinese stores. For example, at Banggood one of the best prices today!

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